It's the little things in life that matter sometimes. I was reminded of this the other day, when my best friend from middle school left a note on my Facebook Page:
Do you remember staying up to watch Friday Night Videos at your house on the little tv in the study to catch Thriller? All this talk of Michael Jackson has reminded me of that night, and how much fun I had with you.
I don't remember the particular night, but I remember lots of little moments of having fun with her. Learning how to braid my hair. Staying overnight at her townhouse, which I thought was so cool because it was attached to other houses and not all by itself! Working on our colonial history project together, aging the paper with tea to make it look more authentic. Good times.

One of the realizations I brought home with me from my Giving Voice weekend is the importance of building and nurturing relationships, both within and outside community. I'm a thinker and an introvert by nature, but life isn't all inside my head. It's in being with others, talking, sharing, playing laughing, that we grow. The memories from growing up are just reminders of that.

Of course, I'm also a planner by nature. And somehow - perhaps inspired by this realization of building/nurturing relationships but also I think just the fact that everything happens in the summer - I've got a people packed weekend ahead! Last night I visited with a friend and her family (including my 5 year old goddaughter) who happened to be in town. This morning I had great fun going out to breakfast with a CSJP friend. This afternoon I'm going to sneak in a bit of our annual CSJP picnic before I drive down to Portland for another friend's going away party - she's headed to Chicago for grad school. Then tomorrow I'm headed to the Columbia River Gorge for another friend's Jubilee Celebration - she's a member of another community and is celebrating 50 years of religious life! We're friends from my old parish so I should be able to catch up with lots of old friends there. I'm also going to sneak in lunch with another couple of friends on Sunday too.

Lots of connections. My introvert self will most likely be exhausted, but it will be good to see folks. Planner that I am, I've also planned some alone time. I've taken Monday off work and I'm going to spend the night at a friend's Condo in the Gorge Sunday night and go for a hike Monday before I head back to Seattle and work on Tuesday.

I may not be blogging this weekend, although the two places I'm staying do have wifi so who knows. If not .... have a great weekend!

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