Visits and Sunsets

My super-social weekend has come to a close ... or it's come to the part where my introvert side gets to take center stage anyway. Tomorrow is a vacation day, and tonight I'm staying in the Columbia River Gorge courtesy of some friends who are letting me stay in their condo (which has a view & wifi). If you've never seen the Columbia River Gorge, it is one of those places that I think our Creator God had a lot of fun creating.

This afternoon I went to a 50th Jubilee party for my friend Sr Pat, an IHM sister (same community as Sister Julie of A Nun's Life). The party was held at Sakura Ridge, a farm and lodge in the gorge owned by the brother of another friend. It was wonderful to be with Pat as she celebrated 50 years of religious life with her family and friends. The farm had the most amazing view of Mt. Hood - fitting really for a celebration of God's amazing gifts and Pat's faithful response.

Tonight I'm staying overnight in the Gorge. Tomorrow I'm going to take some me time with mother nature and make my way back to Seattle in a leisurely fashion. My friends' condo is right on the Columbia River.

And the same view at Sunset.

God is good. You know that, but it helps to have reminders sometimes ... good friends, the beauty of creation, life.

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers have been with you today. My daughter and her family live at Corbet way up on the hill. The beauty and peacefulness are just this side of heaven, in my book. That entire part of the gorge is beautiful.