Giving Voice

Our gathering of women religious under the age of 50 (aka "young nuns") is coming to a close here today in Milwaukee. But what has started here will continue. Our Sisters back home, with a few exceptions, know the beauty and joy of spending time with lots of other nuns your own age. There is no need to translate pop culture references. When you're thinking about something about your experience, there's a chance someone else in the room will be thinking something similar. You're at the same developmental age, so you can act your age. In short ... deep connections, rich sharing, and so much fun.

The only difference between us, the younger generation of American religious life in the 21st Century and those who entered in the large classes of the middle years of the last Century is that back home, we're among a few or perhaps the only "young one." Now, for the most part, this works. We've had amazaing conversations about the women we work and minister with. Our lives back home are rich and worth giving it all for, or we wouldn't be there. But it' also great to be able to gather with those close to our own age, to give voice to our experiences, to give voice to our laughter, to pray, to play, and to be. So glad I came.

We've also had some incredibly DEEP and challenging conversations. Lots to pack up and take home and then unpack and sort through. And I'm not just talking about my laundry!

First though, we gather this morning for prayer and liturgy. Then I'm off to catch a bus to Chicago for part two of my midwest summer adventure to visit my sister - the other kind.


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Christopher said...

I'm so glad that your gathering has been inspiring - now have a good time with your other kind of sister :)