Margaret Anna Fridays - Founders Day Edition

Today is June 5th, which means it is "Founders Day" - one of the main feast days of my community, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. Our Founder Margaret Anna Cusack, known in religion as Mother Francis Clare, died on this day in 1899. 110 years ago! (If you want to read more about her, I suggest reading some of my earlier founders day posts.)

Margaret Anna was a prolific and prophetic writer in her day. She wote and published spiritual works, biographies of saints, histories of Ireland and later political analyses. By 1870, more than 200,000 copies of her work had circulated throughout the world. Profits from the sales of her books were used for the Sisters' work with the poor.

Today many of her books are available to read on the internet! Margaret Anna has reached the internet age.

Normally on Fridays I give you a quote from Margaret Anna, my spiritual friend and mentor. Today I thought I'd give you links to her books online in case you want to read more of her own words.


Online Books by MF Cusack (read or download PDF)

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