Annual Retreat

One of the perks of religious life is the requirement that you take an annual retreat each year. In what other "line of work" do you have to spend a week away with God every year! This is one requirement I fully endorse!

I'll be back next week.

Peace Out

(This is a picture I took last year on retreat)


dmkorman said...

Dear Sister Susan,

Of course, many of us believe we “have” to spend our entire lives with God- that it is impossible to spend even a second without God. ; )

Spending a week at a retreat and “mitigating the static” that so often interferes with our consciousness of God always being present can be powerful.

I hope you find the retreat as refreshing, rewarding and insightful as I find your blog.

The best of regards, wishes and prayers accompany this post.

Garpu said...

And it's going to be in the 90's next week.