Retreat Memories

Retreat is over. Spending some time at SFO waiting for my flight back to Seattle . My retreat time was much needed, but it will also be good to sleep in my own bed tonight! I took lots of photographs this week, but here's a list of things I didn't get to photograph (but want to remember):

The smell of eucalyptus
The three-pronged call of the owl
Hummingbirds zipping from flower to flower

The coolness of the straw bale
hermitage on a hot
summer’s day

The rustle of leaves and/or
the swift scrambling of dirt and rocks
signaling that a deer is nearby
or one time even a jackrabbit!

Sitting vigil in the garden in the evening,
waiting patiently
knowing the deer will come for a visit
And she does, startled still by me until
I stop too and then
she goes about her business of eating leaves undisturbed

There’s more, but this is a good
enough list to help me remember.


Christopher said...

Welcome home from your retreat, Sr Susan, and thank you for describing some of your memories so poetically. Perhaps you'll show us some photographs too?

Incidentally I smiled when you mentioned that you were spending some time at SFO. Of course SFO is San Francisco Airport to you but, here in UK, SFO means the Serious Fraud Office, a government department which pursues and prosecutes those who commit fraud. Just for a moment I wondered what you could possibly have got up to during your retreat :)

dmkorman said...

It sounds wonderful- a natural way to recharge one's batteries. "To retreat is crucial to going forward." Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

What a lovely poem... I think that this would also count for a prayer...