Seeds of Peace - A few words from Margaret Anna

Since I’m here in New Jersey exploring our CSJP Chapter Act Seeds of Peace: Care of Creation & Climate Change, I thought I’d share the text of the act with my bloggy friends over the next few days.

The Chapter Act begins with the following quotes from our founder, Margaret Anna Cusack, known in religious as Mother Francis Clare. She was a Poor Clare for 25 year before founding us, so it’s not surprising she had an innate Franciscan concern for Mother Earth—combined with her keen sense of political analysis. But enough of me … here’s the first part of the Chapter Act:

“Each flower in the field of gorse contributes to the beauty of the whole … each has its own beauty which enhances the beauty of the rest.” Mother Clare, The Spouse of Christ

“The ancient forests have been hewn down with little profit to the spoiler and to the injury in many ways of the native … The country which was in ‘God’s keeping’ then has but little improved since it came into the keeping of man.” Mother Care, The History of Ireland

Tomorrow … the context!


dmkorman said...

Dear Sister,

Thanks so much for continuing to post while at your gathering.

Although appropriate, did you mean to attribute the quote from The History of Ireland to “Mother Care?” It’s certainly a fitting appellation!

From the little research I have done, Mother Clare was clearly ahead of her time and quite the activist. I think she would get along well with contemporary Sisters Sandra Schneiders and Joan Chittester. Some battles (unfortunately) seem to never change.

Best of luck and prayers to your sisters and you in your endeavors. “A dios rogando y con el mazo dando.”


Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

That would be a typo! But an appropriate one at that!