Seeds of Peace

I’m here in New Jersey as part of the Core Team looking at one of our Chapter Acts: Seeds of Peace—Care of Creation and Climate Change.

Regular readers may remember that last summer I spent 2 weeks at our Congregation Chapter. Every 6 years or so our community gathers to decided on our direction for the coming years. Where are we being called by the Spirit to focus our energy as a community, to bring our insights and gifts as peacemakers to a troubled world.

Our 2008 Chapter had 3 major decisions. One was to become one Congregation without Provinces, so that we can better pool our resources and energy. Another, which I’ve written about before, was to grow in nonviolence. And the third was the Care of Creation Chapter Act.

Which is why I’m here in New Jersey, visiting with old friends and getting to know my fellow Core Team members better. Over the next few days, we’ll be digging into the Chapter Act and seeing ways we might engage the community on the issues.

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dmkorman said...

Best of wishes and prayers for a successful gathering. May your sisters and you be blessed, just as your endeavors and presence bless all of us on this planet. Although discerning God’s will is sometimes beyond human capabilities, it is difficult to believe that these endeavors could not be in accord with the divine plan.