Life Gets Busy

Hello there! Yes, I still exist. Life has just been busy. I got back to Seattle late Sunday night and went back to work early Monday morning. I also picked up one of my "young nun" friends -- Jeannie -- from the airport Monday afternoon. She's staying at our house this week! Monday night I had an orientation session for my graduate program in Pastoral Studies that I'm starting next month. Then back to work yesterday and today and visiting in the evening. All good but not very conducive to blogging!!

Jeannie and I plan to some sight seeing this weekend. The weather has cooled down considerably which is a very good thing.


Garpu said...

All moved and stuff? :)

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

nope - since I was away 3 weeks and then a house guest for a week I decided to delay the move until the end of the month.