I'm headed back home tomorrow. Although, in a way this past week in NJ has felt like a homecoming too. It's a lot like going home to my parents' house after being away at college for awhile. It felt like home, I felt welcomed, known and loved. But I also felt right where I was on my own journey in a different place.

Being back here at our east coast center, staying next door to the Novitiate where I lived for the better part of two years. Spending time with folks I know and love. Navigating familiar hallways and pathways.

It's been nice. I'm sure that when I visit our UK locales, I'll feel the same way. One very cool thing about being part of a religious community is that you have many places to call home. A large family of Sisters to welcome you.

What's the saying .... home is where the heart is.

Of course, I'll also be glad to head back to my own/current home in Washington State tomorrow. Glad to see the Sisters I live with now. Head back to the office after too much time away. Get settled and ready and back to daily life.

In the meantime, a bit more visiting here with some of my favorite east coast CSJP folks!

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dmkorman said...

Travel safely and be well. Sounds like your visit to NJ was productive and enjoyable.