Blog Action Day - Copenhagen

Today is Blog Action Day. Today's theme is Climate Change, which is also one of the focus area of my Congregation, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace.

Have you heard yet about Copenhagen?? It's a pretty big deal ...

World leaders will gather December 7 to 18 in Copenhagen to discuss climate change. There is a sense of urgency around the Copenhagen Summit, also called “COP 15.” Continued research indicates that climate change has reached a crisis stage.

COP 15 will be negotiating a new climate treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty in which signing nations agreed to specific reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. The Kyoto Protocol ends in 2012. The new treaty that will replace it will determine international direction and commitment in confronting climate change.

Key essentials to be addressed in Copenhagen:
  • How much are the developed, industrialized countries willing to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases?
  • How much are the major developing countries, such as China and India, willing to do to limit the growth of their emissions?
  • How is the help needed by poor countries to engage in reducing their emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change going to be financed?
Take two minutes today to sign the Climate Change Petition:

We the Peoples of the World Urge Political Leaders to:

Seal the Deal at COP 15 on a climate agreement that is definitive, equitable and effective.

Set binding targets to cut greenhouses gases by 2020.

Establish a framework that will bolster the climate resilience of vulnerable countries and protect lives and livelihoods.

Support developing countries' adaptation efforts and secure climate justice for all."
Sign the petition at www.sealthedeal2009.org.

To learn more ...
About Copenhagen: www.cafod.org.uk/copenhagen www.sealthedeal2009.org
About Climate Change: www.oxfam.org.uk/get involved/campaign/climatechange www.cafod.org.uk/climatechange
About Catholics & Climate Change: catholicclimatecovenant.org
www.catholicsandclimatechange.org www.chausa.org/climatechange

Prayer for Copenhagen
Creator God and Sustainer of Life, we recognize that the exploitation and destruction of Earth’s air, water, soil and species is a sacrilege. We pray for world leaders to agree to a new and just treaty in Copenhagen that will protect our fragile world for future generations. Amen


Kelly_SSJ said...

will be joining in prayer!

Anne Welch said...

I would be interested to know what your community is doing to reduce its own carbon footprint. The problem will not be solved by international conferences but by individuals willing to take tepid showers, turn down the heat and put on winter underwear, take public transportation, open farmers markets in poor neighborhoods and work with their neighbors to get off the grid and use alternative energy sources.

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Kelly ... thanks!

Anne ... we are just starting our work on this area. Our Care of Creation/Climate Change Group is suggesting that while it is important to learn about climate change and participate in legislative and advocacy efforts to combat it at the system level, we also need to look at our own lifestyles in terms of sustainability. We're just starting on this path, but I imagine it will entail looking at both our own lifestyle choices in our living communities, as well as our ministries and institutions.

On a personal note, one of the reasons I chose to ask to join the community where I am now living is that I can walk or take the bus to my place of ministry instead of commuting 45 minutes!