Saturday Morning Happenings

It's a beautiful Saturday morning in Seattle. Sadly, I have homework I need to complete so I headed to my local coffee shop where I seem to be more productive than at home.

I was on my way to the coffee shop in my little Hyundai, navigating through the city side streets, when another motor vehicle turning onto the same street I was driving down didn't quite see me. I saw that he didn't quite see me, so I was able to swerve most of the way out of the way. But not all the way out of the way. My rear driver's side car door is going to need some TLC, but at least it's driveable. Insurance company called. All as well as it can be.

We both live within a few blocks of the accident, so I met a new neighbor. Not the way you want to meet a neighbor of course, but still. And of course we exchanged insurance information, which, since my insurance is in the community's name, meant I had to explain that I was a Catholic sister.

Other Driver: "You're a nun?" (confirming this unexpected bit of news)

Me: "Yep."

Other Driver: "Do you live by that Catholic Church?"

Me: "Yes, we live in a house a few doors down."

Other Driver: "Wow."

The poor guy seemed a bit bewildered that he'd hit a nun. He seemed nice enough, and at least he has insurance. The last time I was in a car accident, the driver was uninsured. So this is definitely an improvement.

And, once the shock wears off, he'll have an interesting conversation starter at the UW Football tailgate party he was headed to.

As for me, time to start my homework!


Unknown said...

Thankfully, you didn't get hurt. God provides opportunities for us to give grace to others -- even in fender benders. . .

Glad the other driver had insurance.

Garpu said...

Yikes! Glad to hear you both are OK. One of the priests at my parish was in an accident that hurt his back badly, and the other guy ran. (and left a license plate, I'm told.)

dmkorman said...

Indeed, thank God nobody was injured.

Hope your next one million miles of driving are less eventful.