Decorating Grace House

We decorated our house today! Up until now we've been an oasis of Advent in a sea of Christmas (our neighbors have gone all out!). We put aside most of the day to decorate our house as a house today. It was fun and reminded me of this song by Sufjan Stevens:

Actually, the tree already had lights on it. We used the little mini artificial Christmas tree that I brought with me. When I closed up my apartment prior to entering, I gave away most of my Christmas decorations. I figured (rightly) that any communities I would live with would have more than enough decorations. But there were some ornaments that meant a lot to me. The 3 Kings that my parents bought on a trip to Puerto Rico when I was a baby. Ornaments given to me by my mom and other family members. So I pared down and kept a smattering of ornaments and got a mini tree that they'd fit on. This was the tree I had in my apartment my last Christmas in Portland. And now it's here!

I also had a few other additions to our community decorations -- including a wreath my mother made years ago that is now on the door to our living room. It may be the last Sunday of Advent tomorrow, but in my house it looks a lot like Christmas!

It was a good community day! Now off to a cookie exchange!

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