Margaret Anna Fridays - New Year's Edition

Every Friday, I’m going to share a quote from the founder of my groovy sisters, Margaret Anna Cusack, known in religion as Mother Francis Clare. This week’s installment …


Look up, look up, my heart, to-day,
Take courage and be strong;
The new year cometh up to thee,
So greet it with a song.

The old year lieth dead and cold
Beneath its shroud of snow;
Its troubles and perplexities
Thou never more shalt know.

Look up, there are new crowns to win,
New battles to be fought;
Perchance before the new year goes
Thy freedom will be bought.

Oh, let the past be past, except
To weep its stains away;
Nor let the future dazzle thee,
Promise whate'er it may.

The present only is thine own,
Look up, be brave and strong;
And if thy life be all for God,
The way till not seem long.

Pine thou for strife, for pain, for grief,
As soldiers pine for fight;
For there are crowns awaiting thee
In lands of cloudless light.

Cloister Songs and Hymns for Children


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