Open House at Grace House

The community house I live in is called Grace House. We've had this house for over 50 years. It's in a great neighborhood. Close to the local Catholic parish. Close to my place of ministry. Cozy and comfortable. That's just the house ... the people in this local community are great as well! I've been here about four months. Definitely a time of grace.

Today we're having our annual open house. Last year I came as a guest. This year I'll be one of the hostesses. Hospitality has always been one of the hallmarks of our community. Should be fun. Many of our Sisters and Associates come, as well as family and friends. We're still decorated (even though the church is celebrating Epiphany today, I'm happy we're staying decorated through the entire 12 days of Christmas).

Well, on that note, I need to turn off the computer and walk next door for mass. So nice being so close!

Hope all my bloggy friends are having a wonderful Sunday.

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