on prayer

Yesterday was the feast of Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American born Saint. This morning during my prayer time, I ran across this quote attributed to her:

We must pray without ceasing, in every occurrence and employment of our lives -- that prayer which is rather a habit of lifting up the heart to God as in a constant communication.

She's on to something there, I think. More and more I'm realizing that prayer is just that, communication. And just as in any relationship, real and honest communication is crucial. And not meant to be relegated to a few designated times during the day, but always. And as God is always present, always near, there's always that chance to open up. To share your struggles, your hopes, your dreams, your very heart with God. Every moment can be time of prayer.

Beautiful words to remembers as I start my day.

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France said...

Also challenging and thought-provoking words. I often think that at the end of my life I won't regret the human relationships I took for granted, but rather my failure to consciously celebrate the presence of God in every possible moment. At times I treat prayer as a phone call with God that I end because I have to get back to work. "I'll call you again tonight." How crazy is that when the option is there to spend the entire day together? I sense God is smiling with me on that one.