on the mend

Happy to report that I'm feeling much better ... spring time colds (and yes, it is spring time here in the Pacific Northwest ... very early) are no fun. It seems silly to be coughing, etc... when it's sunny outside and the daffodils and cherry blossoms are blooming. Sneezing yes (allergies), but coughing no.

In any case, I managed to work a full day today and not be exhausted afterward which was a great thing as we had another Sister Susan over for dinner. This CSJP named Susan is in town from El Salvador, where she coordinates our health care ministry Paz Salud. It was so great to see her and hear about how everything is going swimmingly there. I visited El Salvador during my novitiate and was deeply touched by my experience there. For those who are interested to learn about Sr. Susan's ministry in El Salvador, you can read along on her blog.

Susan's in town because we're having our Community Assembly this coming weekend. I'm hoping to have all of my regular energy level back for that, because it is a wonderful experience of reconnecting with Sisters & Associates. I'm also excited because our topic and speaker is on the theme of vocations, and in particular the recent study on Religious Vocations. So wonderful to know that we are actively and hopefully facing our future as a religious community!

I'm sure I'll have more to share about our assembly after the coming weekend, but in the meantime it's just back to ministry and back to life. As an added bonus, I turned in my term paper via email last night and I have a homework free weekend as it's spring break! That way I can spend my energy visiting with folks and soaking up the community experience, without worrying about the homework I'm not doing.

Well, that's my newsy update. Hope all my bloggy friends are doing well.

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Garpu said...

Glad you're feeling better!