St Patrick's Day Prayer for an end to Human Trafficking

We all know St. Patrick as the patron Saint of Ireland—the legendary missionary who drove the snakes from the emerald isle. But Patrick was also a slave, kidnapped and sold into slavery at the age of 16. For four years, he worked as a slave, tending his master’s sheep. In modern terms, Patrick was a victim of human trafficking. Patrick is said to have sought comfort and strength through prayer during his captivity. Prayer brought him closer to God, helped him to escape, and led him to dedicate himself to Jesus and the missionary life.

We ask St. Patrick, survivor of human trafficking, to join us as we pray:

For the estimated 27 million women, men and children currently held in slavery-like conditions …
Response: Saint Patrick pray for us

For young girls and women exploited on the streets … R
For child laborers, child soldiers and children exploited in pornography … R
For those in bonded labor—in agricultural fields, mines and factories … R
For conversion of heart for the perpetrators and organizers of human trafficking … R
For government policies and corporate responsibility that will address the systems that make human trafficking possible … R
For the success of efforts to stop the demand for human trafficking … R

God of hope, awaken our hearts and guide our actions as we work for a world where every person is able to live their lives in freedom. Amen.

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Sr. Jeannie said...

What a great and fitting prayer for today's world. Thank you for sharing it with us.