still fits

The main event of this weekend in the life of Susan Rose Francois involved FINALLY cleaning my room. Not simply clearing off the clutter or stuffing it into various drawers, but actually going through a substantial bit of my belongings, moving furniture to vacuum the dust bunnies underneath, and since I was moving things rearranging my furniture to an arrangement much more conducive to the enjoyment of my room. I now have a great prayer space and a great study space, both of which will hopefully help me be grounded and more productive respectively.

I also ran across an old relic that I didn't realize I still had. ... my 1990 high school class ring. 1990 ... could it be 20 years ago? The ring is from my intended alma mater--Regina High School. Except that this small Catholic girls school closed at the end of my junior year, and I ended up graduating from an all-boys Catholic school named DeMatha. Yes, I am a DeMatha Stag. A rare breed, a female graduate of this sports powerhouse. (the school didn't go co-ed, we 20 Regina girls were and are the only female graduates).

Anyway, I found my ring. And even though I generally prefer to wear silver jewelry and my 17 year old self for some reason spent a ridiculous amount of money on a gold ring, I tried it on. And it fits.

So much has happened in these 20 years. The move across the country to the Pacific Northwest. College. Leaving the church. My glorious career as a bureaucrat. Finding my way back to the church. Becoming a peace & justice geek. My mom dying. And then finally listening to that still small voice that maybe, just maybe, I should become a Sister.

Life is good, busy, but good. And while the ring of a 17 year old is not really the ring of a 37 year old, it still fits. In more ways than one.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I were going through our old gold jewelry and we found our 50 year old H.S. rings. Even though they are worth a lot of money today with the prize of gold, we kept them. It's good to remember where you've been and to treasure those memories.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

How funny! We drove by DeMatha on Saturday night. I didn't know I knew anyone who had gone there -- certainly not a female friend. ;)

- Susan W.