common experience

I was able to catch up this weekend with five good friends .... ranging from someone who's been one of my best friends for 20 years and another for 10 years to friends I've gotten to know since my journey to religious life. I know them all in different contexts. Some I share common past experiences with like college or parish life. Others I've only recently gotten to know. But each is an amazing woman that I am blessed to know and look forward to future common experiences that create the bonds of true friendship.

It's funny because life is so busy these days with ministry and school and community, I don't spend much time just hanging out with people other than the ones I work or live with. And then I have five social engagements in the space of four days! I went to happy hour with a friend on Thursday, went out for a beer with another friend who was in town later Thursday night, lunch with a friend on Friday, dinner with a friend last night and breakfast with a friend today! So much good conversation and sharing and quality time. My introvert side is a bit exhausted, but my spirit is refreshed and happy and my relationships with these five women are renewed.

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