My Online Ministry

I'm working from home today on the new website for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. Hopefully it will go live by the end of the month ... stay tuned!

A few years ago I watched a talk by Timothy Radcliffe, OP on Vocations--you can read a long ago post about it here. One of the things that really struck me in his talk was this, to quote an earlier me:

He talks about how a vocation isn't really a break from who you are today, it's a transformation into who God's calling you to be. For example, Peter was transformed from being a fisher of fish into a fisher of people. St. Francis was transformed from a troubadour of love songs to a troubadour for God.

At the time, I mused if I would be transitioning from being a bureaucrat for the City of Portland to being a Bureaucrat for God.

Today I've been using my web design expertise to be a web designer for God. And, as the headline in this article in today's Seattle Archdiocesan paper makes clear--"Blogging Sisters Goes Online to Serve God"--I guess I've become a blogger for God too! :)

If you've come to this little corner of the blogosphere through the Progress article, welcome!


Sueb said...

I did indeed find your blog through the NW Progress. It was a very nice article. I work for the Seattle Archdiocese and am so happy to see more vocation resources available. Such potential, thanks for all you do.

Pachyderm said...

Hi Sr Susan! Love the article. You & Sr Julie Vieira are really "nunning" the web...!

Also really interesting reflection on your theology class. I remember the freedom I found in exploring the various charisms when I returned to the Anglican church - suddenly I could be truly me again.

Blessings on your wonderful ministry!

Sr Therese