Modern Day Matthew

This a repost from five years ago (I've been blogging that long!), inspired by today's Gospel. Having once been a bureaucrat who decided to do the seemingly crazy thing and give it all up to follow Jesus, I suppose I have a special affinity for this Gospel story.

This is Matthew. He's a tax collector. Boring 8 to 5 job workin' for the man.

Then one day everything changes. In this picture, he's looking a bit dazed and confused. You see, he's been asked by this Jesus guy to drop everything and "follow him."

And crazy as it seems, we catch him here as he's thinking to himself it's actually the least crazy thing he could do with his life.

And so he picks up and goes, trading in working for the man for working for the son of man. And humankind.

(More fun with the gospels and the build your own character tool).

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