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I haven't been writing regularly lately here on the blog. Things have been a little crazy in my life, trying to balance the regular mix of my life with some added worry and concern for my father who has been ill and lives 3,000 miles away. I'm happy to say that he is doing much better and that I will get to see him next week!

I've been through the long distance care giving thing before. My mom was very sick for about two years before she passed away six and a half years ago. My dad had a bigger health scare five years ago. In this post-modern world of ours, where family are scattered hither and yon, it makes the major life moments a bit tricker. On the more positive side, I've got a brand new baby nephew who I haven't met yet because he lives about 2,000 miles away (but I will get to see him in September!).

Even though I've danced the long distance caring dance before, there is something different this time ... community. As our CSJP Constitution say:

Our call to peacemaking
permeates all aspects of our lives together.
It seeks expression in mutual love and concern. (Constitution 15)

In daily living
we create a community of warmth and trust
by listening and sharing,
by support, celebration and prayer. (Constitution 17)

As worried and anxious as I have been, I have also felt the amazing prayerful support and peaceful presence of my Sisters, those that I live with and those in the larger CSJP community. This in turn has helped me to be able to be a peaceful presence (at a distance) to my family. And for that, I am deeply grateful.

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dmkorman said...

I hope things continue to get better with your dad. I am going through the same things with my dad. He is in FL, while I am in PA. There are many things I can do for him (mail, talk, bills, arrange appointments, etc.) remotely, but the distance does pose problems, and some things (cleaning out and selling his house) cannot be done without being there. With work, I am only able to fly down on Saturday mornings and return on Sunday nights whenever I can.

There are a large number of books about distant care giving- some of which provide pretty good information.

Additionally, depending upon in what state your dad lives, he might be eligible for services from such agencies as the Area Agency for Aging. There might also be some social work services affiliated with his medical care that might be helpful.

Good luck.

My thoughts and prayers are being sent your way.