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In the header of this little blog, it says that it contains the "occasional musings of a 30-something newly professed Sister of St. Joseph of Peace." My sporadic posts this month prove the "occasional" part! And my pending birthday still gives me two more years of being "30-something," increasing gray hairs notwithstanding.

As to the "newly professed Sister" part, I professed my first vows almost 2 years ago. In our community, we profess poverty, celibacy and obedience for 3 years of temporary profession. During this time temporary professed Sisters live in community, take part in active ministry, and continue to discern our calling to religious life and the CSJP Community.

Given the whole community element, it makes sense that I don't do this alone. I'm blessed to have a wonderful faith sharing group that I meet with every few months for prayer, conversation and celebration. Last night we met to discuss the topic of Sabbath Consciousness and Leisure, inspired in part by this passage from our Constitutions:

In solidarity with our sisters and brothers
we engage in human labor
as a means of service and sustenance.
We recognize the value of leisure
as contributing to restoration and wholeness.
In these ways we come to share
in the creative power of God. (Constitution 54)

We each shared how we balance (or "dance the rhythm") of life -- in community, ministry, prayer, family, and other life-giving ways that we participate in the creative power of God. It was wonderful to hear the shared experiences of each of the members of my faith sharing group, wisdom women, women of peace. No matter where we are in our stage of life or religious life, it seems, we are always seeking balance/dancing through life. I am reminded of another passage from our Constitutions:

Because we trust in God's faithful love
and rely on the support and example
of our sisters and all others who touch our lives,
we are able to commit ourselves by vow
to follow Jesus Christ. (Constitution 42)

With God (and in community) all things are possible.

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Pachyderm said...

I entirely agree, Sr Susan! I know that I'm a member of my community because without them, I couldn't do this walking-into-God-thing without flunking it half the time! They are my friends, my support, and a constant source of joy.

Hugs and prayers for you and your Dad too.

Sr Therese (Robyn)