where we look

This past weekend was gorgeous here in Seattle--a little on the hot side considering that we don't have air conditioning--but blue skies and nice in the shade. On Saturday, after my acupuncture appointment, I decided to go for a little walk along the ship canal in the Fremont District. First, however, I needed my sunglasses which were in my car. As I pulled my car keys out of my pocket, my drivers license also fell out of my pocket onto the ground.

Why do I mention this little bit of trivia? Well, when I went down to pick up my drivers license off the street, I noticed a leather wallet underneath my car. I opened the wallet and discovered a nice gentleman's credit cards, a bit of cash, and a blank check which luckily had a phone number on it. I was able to call him and arrange for him to pick up his wallet. Needless to say, he was relieved.

Later on my walk I reflected that I never would have seen the wallet if I hadn't dropped my drivers license. Someone less honest may have found the wallet. I may have driven over it as I left and smooched the contents. Who knows.

It's got me thinking ... how often to we miss things because we're not looking? On the flip side, how often do we see things because we are looking. This applies to real tangible things like lost wallets, but also to relationships and God moments. Really I suppose this is what's behind the whole concept of being intentional and present in the moment.

Otherwise, you can miss out on the opportunity to be a good samaritan!

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David K. said...

Some great observations (get it?) in this story.

But why would you want to kiss a wallet after you have driven over it? ("...smooched the contents...")

Now, were I a Freudian ...