New Year

I'm not really one for New Year's Resolutions, and yet it is nice to have a point on the calendar tailor made to help us take stock, an opportunity to start over, to re-energize our intentionality in our lives.

And so this silly blog quiz is actually close to the mark. My life is pretty busy and stressful due to a variety of factors, and most likely that's not going to change. As the quiz says, since my life isn't going to change, I'm going to have to change.

I used today to de-clutter my room. My prayer space is now clear and inviting, and my hope for myself is that I use this physical space and make space in my daily life to just "be" with God, to make room for God's love and for my response, trusting that God working in me can accomplish more than I can ask or imagine.

You Should Resolve to Manage Stress

Your life is crazy right now, and it doesn't seem like it's about to calm down.

Since your life isn't going to change, you're going to have to change. You have to learn how to relax.

You don't have to commit to being a zen meditator, but you should find an activity or two that helps you relieve stress.

It may seem like a waste of time to relax, but you're going to break if you don't let some peace into your life.

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