Another Susan Francois

I have a google alert for "Susan Francois" which stems from my days as a glorified bureaucrat. It would alert me to check the paper when my name was mentioned talking about boring bureaucratic things (or sometimes not so boring). I guess I still have the alert, and lately it's been HOPPING.

You see, there's a woman named Susan Francois in Trinidad Tobago. I'm guessing she pronounces it the French way, where as my family of german origin pronounces it in a way that rhymes with turquoise. I've known about her for a long time, because she was the Registrar General of Trinidad Tobago and occasionally I'd get a google alert about some boring bureaucratic thing from her life as Susan Francois, glorified bureaucrat.

Well, it's gotten much more interesting of late, with a flurry of alerts ... 3 alone today! It seems she was appointed to another position and there are some who think it was less than by the book, her appointment that is. There's a hint of scandal in all of the articles. She's now something called the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit. Sounds important, doesn't it? Maybe that's why there is such an uproar.

A few days ago there was an article quoting some government official, outraged at the appointment saying, "I don't know who she is." She then released a statement saying that she tutored his daughter in law school, so she thought he should know who she is. Today she released a statement saying she is eminently qualified for the position. I have no idea what's what, I'm just following the brouhaha about my name twin. Fascinating stuff.

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