The Nun Corner

Last week when I arrived at school for my Christology course, I plopped my bags down at a table towards the back of class and went to get a cup of coffee ... a necessity for night classes after a long day of thinking at work! I noticed that the seat in front of me was taken and one of the seats next to me as well, although the students were nowhere in sight (only their belongings).

When I headed back to the classroom in time for it to start, I noticed that the belongings belonged to two friends of mine - J & C. I noticed that another friendly classmate was at the table in front of me, also named C. I smiled and was happy by chance to be sitting by some nice folks for the next 3 hours.

It was only when we broke into small groups that I realized .... the four Sisters in the room were all sitting together! Our professor made a comment and joked about needing to break us up.

Today by chance (or the Holy Spirit) we ended up sitting together again. We christened ourselves the nun corner. We're all of the younger nun variety, all from different communities and relatively close to each other in age. It's rare to have this many Sisters in in a class so we're taking advantage of the opportunity! I'm sure Jesus would approve (even if I'm not sure of the christological nature of that statement!)


Lisa said...

A flashback to the ICN? Seriously, there are no coincidences, only God-incidences. May you continue to have a gracefilled experience!

Vincent Castilino said...

Would be interested in knowing who influences whom: the 'nun corner' or the rest of the 'corner'? Anyway, all the best... for you and the others too!
Have a nice time!