Being the Eldest

I am the youngest of five in my family of origin. In my religious community I've never been the youngest, since I am lucky enough to have had my good friend and Sister Chero journeying with me since the first vocation retreat I attended ... she's ten years younger. But I am certainly "the kid" by two to four decades in most instances in religious life and my CSJP community. Which is why it was so nice to go out to dinner with a group of younger women religious and friends from Giving Voice who were attending LA Congress last weekend. In fact, during our dinner conversation, I discovered that I was the eldest! By a few years!! An uncommon occurance in my religious life, but a nice change of pace.

Please join me in praying that women who are being called by Jesus to consider this wonderful journey into religious life will be open to the Spirit. May I have many years of being the eldest in my religious life, as more and more young women follow their hearts and take the plunge into vowed life for the sake of bringing about the reign of God.


Kelly_SSJ said...

Absolutely....and pray that I may somedaay be amongst the eldest though at present I am the youngest....need new life...I can feel it brewiing...just need to find it!!!! :)

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Amen! Yes, something of God is happening that we need to rejoice, celebrate and nourish and encourage in terms of new vocations in the church.