Romero Vive

Today is the 31st anniversary of the Asassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. Yesterday, President Obama visited the crypt in the basement of the Cathedral in San Salvador, where Romero is buried. When I made my pilgrimage to El Salvador a few years ago, I attended mass at the crypt. It is a sacred place to be sure.

On this day, I wanted to share a few words from this holy man and Saint of the people. They are from an online book that collects some of his writings I discovered a while back. These words are on the work of the Christian:

The Christian must work to exclude sin
and establish God’s reign.
To struggle for this is not communism.
To struggle for this is not to mix in politics.
It is simply that the gospel demands of today’s Christian
more commitment to history.

Here are some pictures I took on that pilgrimage to El Salvador a few years back.

San Romero, pray for us.

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Ashley Siferd said...

First, thank you for suggesting me on Catholic Media Day! :)

Second, I absolutely love Romero and El Salvador. I have been blessed to visit 3 times. I've been to the chapel where he was assassinated. Each visit, I learn something new. Each visit is just as powerful.

Last summer instead of going to the chapel, we went to UCA and had mass there. Afterward, we walked around and visited the garden of roses. That was simply beautiful and so moving.

Glad to find someone else with a love of Romero and El Salvador! :)