Leaving LA Congress

I started writing this post as I was sitting in the Arena at LA Congress waiting for my last workshop to start before I headed to the airport. Then two friends walked by and I put the smartphone away so I could visit with folks I don't get to see very often.

Reconnecting has been part of my first LA Religious Education Conference. It is absolutely amazing to me that in a sea of 40,000 people I can run into the 15 people there that I know! Sometimes repeatedly. Of course it helped that at least two of them, a Carmelite Friar friend of mine from my intercommunity novitiate days and a Marianist Sister who I know through Giving Voice, were staying stationary as they staffed exhibit booths for their religious communities. But others I just randomly ran into and had wonderful conversations. Good times.

It was also a wonderful experience to gather with 40,000 Catholics committed to sharing the good news. The energy was so positive. The music and liturgy were beautiful. The speakers were challenging and inspiring.

Of course now I am home, ready to go to bed. This introvert is happy but very tired, if not exhausted, after hearing so much interaction and input. My ears are in fact buzzing and not used to the quiet of my room!

All in all, a very positive first experience that gives me great hope for our Catholic community. I hope to have the opportunity to return again one day.

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