assembly part two

On Sunday morning we learned that Sr. Johanna, who was one of the Jubilarians we celebrated on Saturday night, died during her sleep. She was 96 and celebrating 75 years as a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace. It was beautiful that the whole community was gathered and able to say goodbye when the funeral home came to pick up her body. We sang our community song and escorted her body outside.

It was also beautiful that we had spent her last hours celebrating her and the gift she was to our community and God's people. Saturday night, Johanna sat on the couch with one of our other Sisters observing the dancing I described in my last post. She had a look of utter amusement and joy on her face.

The picture is one that we took on Saturday, when Sr. Anne from our leadership team pinned a corsage on Sr. Johanna. That's the way I want to remember her ... joyful and engaged.

After the rest of our Assembly Sunday morning, we celebrated two men and seven women who were making their covenants as Associates of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. Associates are men and women who are committed to our charism of peace through justice in their own lives. One woman made her first covenant, seven renewed and two made lasting covenants!

A special day to be sure. Back to regularly scheduled programming (ministry) tomorrow.

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