20th Anniversary

In 1991 I was a first year student at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. It was the start of the (first) Iraq war. I marched with other students to Pioneer Square in Portland where we joined more than 15,000 people in opposition to the war. On campus, I was involved with OSPIRG and other activist causes. My future as a peace and justice activist was in the making.

In a city a few hours to the north, a group of nuns got together and saw all the same injustices I saw as a college student. They decided to pool their resources and work collaboratively together. The Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center was born.

Twenty years later, I'm on the staff of IPJC. I get to use all of my skills and passion for justice to educate, coordinate and advocate for a more peaceful world. What's more, I'm now a member of one of the five groups of religious that started this ministry in 1991 with a pencil and a paper clip.

Last night, we gathered with almost 400 supporters to celebrate our ministry of acting for justice in our church and our world. There were a good number of Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace and our Associates there to mark the occasion. So great to have their support and presence!

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