"I guess I have to accept I'm a functional Roman Catholic"

Thanks to some Facebook friends for pointing out this awesome clip from Stephen Colbert about his Catholic Bender, aka Holy Week. I must say that on Monday I was filled with joy but a little "hung over" from all the awesome Catholic mojo myself. One thing I love about him is how he takes something that is so authentically part of himself, his inner Catholic-Church-Geek, and turns it into humor that is genuinely funny. As someone commented on James Martin's Facebook Page link to this clip, "I know this sounds bad but it makes being Catholic kind of cool."

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Kelly_SSJ said...

it is cool to be Catholic!! :) I love going on Catholic benders!!!I hope you are recovered from yours! :) You'll have to e-mail me sometime and let me know how you are doing!! And buzz me your number would love to actually chat sometime/