Margaret Anna Easter Meditation

"Consider how we may best worship and glorify the risen Heart of Jesus.
1. Let us run with the holy women to His tomb. There we may conteplate His wonders and adore His power; there we may offer our most fervent congratulations on His joyful resurrection.
2. Let us return with the women to declare what we have seen; let us tell 'the brethren' of His risen love; let us manifest to all that His resurrection is also ours, and invite all to share in it by our words and our example.
3. Let us also rise with him. We have sought during the past season of penance to die with Him; now let us rise again. He is the resurrection and the life; and hwen we receive Him into our hearts today, in that adorable Sacrament, of which He has said Himself, He that eateth Me, shall live by Me, let us implore Him, by the love of His risen Heart, to give us life -- life that becomes more strong and vigorous every day and hour until it becomes immortal." ~Meditations for Advent and Easter, M.F (Margaret Anna) Cusack, 1866

(The painting is Easter Mystery by Maurice Denis)

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