Margaret Anna Fridays - Earth Day Edition

Most Fridays, I’m going to share a quote from the founder of my groovy sisters, Margaret Anna Cusack, known in religion as Mother Francis Clare. This week’s installment …

The ancient forests have been hewndown with little profit to the spoiler, and to the injury of many of the native. The noble rivers are there still, and the mountains look as beautiful in the sunsets of this year of grace as they did so many hundred years before; but the country, which was in "God's keeping" then, has but little improved since it came into the keeping of man.
~An Illustrated History of Ireland, MF Cusack, 1868

Today is both Earth Day and Good Friday. Please join me in praying for the wisdom and will to care for God's creation, in particular keeping in mind the effects of environmental degradation on people who are poor and vulnerable, and on future generations.

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