Triduum begins

Even though I was raised Catholic, I never really observed Triduum, the high holy days of the Catholic Liturgical year, until I returned to the church as a young adult after a 10 year vacation. Growing up, we really celebrated Easter Sunday. That was the sum and whole.

I was lucky enough to experience my first Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Saturday Easter Vigil), at St Philip Neri during what I think of as the perfect storm. We had Fr Steve Bossi, CSP, Fr Dick Chilson, CSP and Deacon (now Fr) Ricky Manalo, CSP on staff ... All amazing preachers and liturgists. They introduced me to the simple yet awesome beauty of the tradition of the Triduum that I still carry deep in my heart. In a way they spoiled me ... No experience has ever quite been the same since those first years. But my love for these days, my desire to enter into them fully, continues. Simply put, they are the days when our Catholic Mojo is in full swing. The power of the Christian story continues. Starting tonight with Holy Thuesday. I will be at my new parish in Seattle for Holy Thursday services. I'm signed up for two time slots after the service to stay with Jesus, keep watch and pray. May your Triduum experience be holy, life giving and heart expanding.

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Kelly_SSJ said...

Have a joyous and blessed Easter!!!!!!