morning health related blog quiz

Yes, my first post back from the blog break is a silly blog quiz. But it has a purpose! You see, I've started recently being more intentional about my desire to be healthy. Eating better, getting regular exercise, time and space for quiet and reflection in the midst of my busy busy schedule. I forget how long it takes for a habit to set in, but so far it's been a week and a half. Being intentional takes lots of concentration! Hopefully, I'll at least become a roasted couch potato in the near future (see blog quiz for explanation)

You Are A Couch French Fry

You've got a little couch potato in you. You definitely like to relax.

You couldn't spend all night on the couch, but you do treasure your downtime.

Make sure you seek a good balance between your playtime and rest time.

Too much time on the couch is bad for your mind and your body.

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