Baby Me

My brother recently posted online a photo of my family circa 1973, a year or so after I was born to complete the picture. I downloaded the picture, and exchanged my "cartoon me" on my Facebook page for a cropped photo of "baby me."

There I am ... little Susan Rose. One sock about to fall off. Observing the world (or at least the photographer). Ready for what was to come. Not much has changed, in a way. I always have problems with my left sock!

My mother of course is holding me in the photo. She was about the age I am now. By 38 going on 39, she'd been married for 13 years and had five children. She'd also lived in Paris, worked for the government, and worked to make the world a better place.

I haven't been married, but I've got seven awesome nieces and nephews. And for more than six years, I've been living into this wonderful world of religious life which has taken me to London, New Jersey and Seattle as I strive to make the world a better place. The older I get, and as much as I put my own spin on this thing called life, I realize more and more that I am my mother's daughter.

And that, my friends, is a good thing to be.

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Beth said...

What a sweet photo! Beautiful post. I only met your mother once, I think, but I know through knowing you that she was a remarkable, loving woman. I relate; I'm proud to be like my mother, and I'm so grateful to know her. Amazing how I've come to appreciate and love her so much more over the years...