This weekend we are celebrating jubilees here in the western CSJP region. Jubilees are basically anniversaries. This year we have 6 sisters celebrating jubilees (plus Sr Johanna in heaven). I don't have the list in front of me, but I know we have 2 celebrating 50 years and a smattering of 60 and 70 year jubilarians. In a bit I'm headed to the hall to help decorate for the celebration after the Jubilee liturgy tomorrrow.

We don't start official Jubilee celebrations until you've been in the community 25 years. But Chero and I celebrate unofficially every year since we entered together. Tonight after we help decorate we will go out for dinner to celebrate 5 years since we entered the novitiate! My how time flies.

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Pachyderm said...

I think celebrating your "jubilee" every year is pretty awesome actually. We need milestones to help us remember what's important in life, so you go girl! (is it still appropriate to say that to a nun? Well, from one nun to another I guess it's okay!)

Sr Therese COS Cam