moving my you know what

Hmmm ... not so sure about this quiz result, although given that I am trying to be more intentional and regular with exercise these days, perhaps I would newly qualify as conscientious (and reforming couch potato). No gym membership these days ... I'm recently back to my old friend the exercise video.

Your Fitness Type is Conscientious

You are committed to fitness and good health. That's motivation enough to keep exercising.

It's likely that you belong to a gym where you can get in a variety of exercise. You're always pushing yourself to be stronger and better.

You value routine, and sometimes you're reluctant to deviate from what you've grown to love.

Try to add one or two new exercises to the mix every so often. Your body will get even stronger from being shocked.

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Kelly_SSJ said...

may have to check out what my style is!!! :)