39 year ago today

Today is my 39th Birthday.  Feeling pretty good about the age.  Feeling the age, even if I'm often told I don't look it.  This past weekend at the Giving Voice National Gathering, one of my friends who also happens to be a very wise (and published) woman shared her insights from our gatherings into the different generations present.

If memory serves, she described the 30s as being about role ... what is our role in the world.  While she described the 40s as pondering the big questions ... yes we need to do x, but how might we go about that and what might be the implications.

As she was talking ... and she said lots more which hopefully will be on the conference blog soon, I realized I firmly have one foot in each of those.  Makes sense, given that I'm entering my bridge year between the two decades.

I've started to accept and claim my role in the world, now the question is what on earth to do with that! :)

But no need to figure that out today.  I'm headed back to work after a week away.  I already had birthday celebration #1 with my sister and her family in Chicago.  There is rumored to be a little party at work today, then out to dinner with my housemates tonight who I haven't seen in ages.  This weekend I'm going to enjoy what looks to be a sunny day with some friends at the lake.

All is good!

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