To the Lake

After work today I'm headed to one of my favorite places ... our CSJP vacation house at the lake. It's just about half an hour away and is located on a small private lake.  There's also a pool, which if the weather cooperates will be only cold and not frigid (and possibly warmish if it gets the afternoon sun!).  You see, unlike the rest of the country, we're just starting to get summer here in the Northwest.  But the forecast is promising!

We shall see.  This is my last bit of summer activity, and in many ways my only vacation.  The past few weeks have been filled with community meetings, checking in on my Dad, retreat, and young nun meetings last week.  The in between moments were filled with work.  There was also my Harry Potter themed weekend in combined which combined with this coming weekend at the Lake I'm counting as my vacation. In the grand scheme of things, I'm not complaining.  It's all been good, and retreat especially was renewing and restful!  But I'm looking forward to some beauty, silliness and fun this weekend at the Lake to round out the summer.

I've invited some friends to celebrate my birthday at the Lake with me.  We're having a picnic and pool party Saturday. There's no internet at the Lake (one of the reasons it's an oasis of calm for me) so I'll probably be checking into the blog on Monday.

Until then ... Peace!

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