Coffee with God

My morning routines have shifted of late.  Due to a change of dynamics in my house (different folks with different schedules) I've found myself with some quiet time alone in the house in the mornings.  While it's always really nice to have someone to chat with over breakfast, it's also nice to have some quiet in the morning, especially since I am by no means a morning person!

Given the shift in routines and dynamics, I've revived my old habit of starting my day with Coffee and God.  On these warmish sunny summer mornings, I take my cup of coffee, sit on our back stairs, and just sit with God.  Sometimes there's a conversation, sometimes just quiet.  This morning there were lots of sounds ... birds singing, squirrels scampering, leaves dancing and in the distance, the freeway.  A very nice, simple and centering way to start the day.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a wonderful way to start the day off right!