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As I mentioned in my last post, we've got some shifting dynamics here at Grace House.  Over the past couple of months, some of the Sisters have moved out because of ministry or other needs, while another might move in soon, although that decision is by no means final.  In the meantime, that leaves some empty bedrooms and so I decided to move  as well ... down the hall that is.

Back in my single girl days, I would periodically completely rearrange my apartment room by room.  For one thing, it was a good way to clean all the nooks and crannies where dust bunnies like to hang out. , moving the furniture and vacuuming, dusting etc...   I also found that it helped me to get a new perspective every once in a while.  Sure the couch looks great on that wall, but what if we put it over there?

My old bedroom here was long and narrow, and so there were only so many ways you could arrange things.  Plus I've just been super busy of late, so rearranging has not been a priority. Making piles, yes.  Sorting piles or even rearranging them (let alone the furniture beneath) ... not so much.

This weekend, however, it's been fun to move stuff down the hall and set up my new space.  This room is kind of shaped like an L because of the stairway, which gave me the opportunity to set up a sleeping area and a sitting/prayer area.  This is my third night sleeping in this room, but the first night with everything in its place.  So far it feels very homey.

Of course, the act of moving--even if just down the hall--makes me realize that I still have too much stuff.  My plan over the next few months is to sort through each drawer, box and hiding place and see if I can simplify a bit ... again.  This seems to be the never ending saga.

One thing I am quite excited about is having a new to me space to pray in.  Somehow I always find that this gives me a little boost of inspiration and intentionality in the prayer arena.

And on that note, that is next up ... ending this very busy and to be honest physically exhausting weekend by spending some quiet time with God.

Peace my friends

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Anonymous said...

I felt the same way when I moved into community a year ago. My mother still complains that I have "stuff" at her house! I like you note about a new prayer space, its really interesting and I'll have to keep that in mind!