Catching Up

It's been a busy week, and it's only Wednesday evening!  In my ministry, I've been busy working on the first issue of the new year for the quarterly justice journal that I edit.  Our topic will be Reconciliation, something greatly needed in our world.  It's got me a bit preoccupied but I'm sure it will all come together--it always does.

I also had three Skype Calls with Giving Voice friends this week.  One just to check in, one to debrief the July conference, and another with the other members of the core team.  Not sure if I've mentioned on the blog that I'm joining the national core team of Giving Voice, the organization of younger women religious.  It's such an amazing gift to me and my own experience of religious life to have this far flung network of peers to journey with!

Tomorrow I'm headed on a weekend getaway to the bay area.  First I'm going to visit the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley as one possibility for future theology studies.  Then I get to visit with an old friend (well, I've known her 20 years and we're both getting older!) and catch up with my brother!

Lots on the horizon, that's to be sure.  Classes start up in two weeks at Seattle U, where I'm still studying this year.  I'm really looking forward to my class on Women & Scripture.  Should be an interesting way to spend Monday nights.

As you might have guessed, with so much going on, I'm a wee bit scattered and not feeling bloggily inspired.  So this little newsy catching up post will have to do.

Hope all reading this are doing well.  Peace. Susan

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