Communion of Sisters of Peace

As a relatively young, tech savvy sister, it probably doesn't come as a surprise that I'm called upon from time to time by my religious community to lend a hand with my tech skills.  One of the little jobs that I've happened upon is posting the obituaries for our Sisters and Associates, which we call "Lest We Forget" in our community lingo.

I have to say, it's an honor and a privilege to post their stories on our website.  I always learn something interesting from the write ups about their lives, even if it is someone that I was lucky enough to know very well.  Since we have community members on the East Coast and in the UK, often times I haven't had a chance to get to know them personally, but our community spirit always shines through when you read about their amazing lives and ministries.

I just posted the Lest We Forget Entry for Sister Deirdre Duffy, CSJP.  I never actually met Deirdre, although I felt I did.  You see, during the 4 months that I was in the UK she was having several health challenges that kept her away from her volunteer ministry and community gatherings.  In the meantime, however, I was spending one day a week volunteering at the offices of the British Section of Pax Christi where Deirdre was legend.  Quite literally. Everyone seemed to know her, from the staff to the volunteers to the people who would call on the phone.  They spoke of her in that respectful awed voice you reserve for really special people.

I read today when I was posting her story that in addition to a myriad of other ministries, she was at one time the national Nuclear Disarmament coordinator for Pax Christi in the UK.  She went to parishes, schools, and community organizations to give talks, seminars and workshops.  No wonder she was such a legend around that place!

She was quoted as saying that she would like to be remembered as a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace seriously committed to spreading and living our charism, a pleasant colleague and someone with a sense of humor.  Like I said I never met her but I always felt like I did.  I think that's how I'd like to be remembered as well!

She was a kindred spirit, a Sister of Peace.  My generation of religious women will be saying goodbye to a whole cadre of amazing women of God.  But we also have had the chance to get to know them, some through personal experience and others through the power of their ministry and community memory.  But even more than that we have this entire communion of Sisters past, present and future.  Women who took risks, who lived the Gospel faithfully and joyfully, and who journey with us now and always.  And that, my friends, is pretty incredible when you think of it.

Blessings of Peace Deirdre.  Watch over us and journey with us on the path to peace.

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