International Day of Peace

Wednesday, September 21st is the 30th annual International Day of Peace.  Every day is a good day to pray for peace--in our hearts, our lives, our global community--but the Day of Peace is an extra special day to do so.  That's because we join our hearts with people from all around the globe in praying for peace.  Looking at the general state of things, we certainly need to do something!

There are oodles of great resources and ways to mark this 30th Anniversary.  Here are just a few:

  1. The Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center in Seattle where I minister has created a prayer service for the day that you can download in English, Spanish & French.  Feel free to use it and pass it along!

  2. The Global Day of Listening is happening on September 21st. Listen to the Live Feed as young people from Afghanistan talk with folks from across the globe.  These calls happen every quarter, usually coinciding with the equinox or solistice.  You can also plan for next time to sign up for a time slot and talk to them yourself via skype!

  3. Find an event near you on the International Day of Peace Website.

  4. Wherever you are, observe one minute for peace at noon on September 21st.  So far more than 20,000 people are attending according to the Facebook event!

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Rose Ragai said...

Thanks Sis Susan for this post. I did not know that there is a International Day Of Peace. Since i know about it, will post about it in my blog too. Lets pray for World Peace. God bless!