The Final Countdown

Blogging has been light of late as I have plowed through a few very busy weeks of ministry and school commitments as I head towards the big day on 11.11.11.

You might say we're in the final countdown ... yes, that song has recently popped into my inner dj mix, although it is a little unusual for heavy metal to find a home there.  Plus the lyrics are a bit more dark than my own mix of peace and joy in the midst of the busyness of life.The details are pretty much under control for the big day, thanks to my over planning personality and the gracious help of community members!

I've got one more week at work and then I'm going to spend a week on silent retreat to prepare for final vows.  I'm so glad that I was able to schedule that time away.  It's not that I'm not at peace with this decision to make the big final plunge into a life commitment to God and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace.  The peace I felt when I wrote my letter requesting to profess final vows this summer and the deep gratitude I felt when my request was approved have only deepened! Rather, it just feels right to spend some time in quiet prayer with God. The word that came to me recently was "spaciousness."  I want to say yes to this life commitment from a space not only of peace but of spaciousness in mind, body and spirit.

I had a moment recently when I realized that this really is a luxury.  How many brides make a life commitment in the midst of crazy last minute details before their wedding day, and here I get to spend yet another week in quiet contemplation!  Only more reason to be grateful.

As much as I'd like to say that I'll be blogging between now and then, most likely blogging will continue to be light this week and then I'll enter into intentional silence for my retreat week.  But while these days may be a final countdown of sorts, the journey is just beginning.  This blog has been a gift to me as a way to document, process and share this amazing journey into the heart of God as a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace.  In my morning prayer earlier this week, I realized that another gift I have received on this journey into religious life is the discovery of my gift of writing.  Another reason to be grateful!

Rest assured, my musings will continue, just as I hope to remain a discerning woman until the end of my days.

For now, Peace Out.


Jemma said...

Thank you for sharing your self and your life with us on your blog. Will be praying for you as you prepare to profess final vows.

Pachyderm said...

Blessings on your retreat and as you make your vows, Sister! I pray that you will find that your peace and joy become deeper and stronger as you journey further into God's gracious love. And what a fantastic date for a profession - 11.11.11! It'll make it a specially memorable day.

Sr Therese COS Cam

Anonymous said...

An early congratulations is in order for you, Susan! I've enjoyed reading your blog for a number of years now and thank you so much for the thoughtful reflections on your journey. Best wishes for your big day!