Bugs, Simplicity & Christmas

I've been a little under the weather with a yucky bug, but am happily on the mend after lots of sleep.  Thankfully I simplified Christmas preparations in my life years ago or else I'd be in big trouble as I've been capable of little this week. Donations have been made.  Christmas cards I'm afraid will need to be skipped this year.  A few presents for family.  Ta Da!  Done. :)  I love a simple Christmas.

Tomorrow morning I am flying south to visit my oldest sister and her family for the long Christmas weekend.  Marie inherited many of our family decorations so it will be a little bit of a walk down memory lane.  I'm really looking forward to quality time with my nieces!  I know there will be coloring with the 5 year old, and hopefully some Christmas cookie baking as well.

Merry Almost christmas!

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